Bore Pump Repairs Perth

Bore Pump Repairs Perth

Bore pumps can malfunction at the most inconvenient times and EV Electrical Services’ skilled Bore Pump Repairs Perth team can be in attendance promptly to fix the problem. We have experience in dealing with a wide range of faults and are fully accomplished at all types of bore pump repairs. Perth residences, industrial areas and commercial setups are often reliant on a serviced and efficient bore pump and when it fails to operate it can have a significant impact.

Pump Repairs Perth

Bores come in many shapes and sizes. There is the old style well with a metal lid and a bore pump that is clearly visible beneath the covering. You may find that the pump will appear to be working yet there is no water, which typically indicates the problem is due to the pump needing to be primed. Alternatively the bore pump may fail to start. Whatever the issue our Pump Repairs Perth based electricians will be able to assist and perform a speedy repair.

bore pump repairs perth

If you have a more modern pump which is submersible, the bore is usually concealed beneath the lawn or there may be a small lid. Our bore pump repair capabilities allow us to winch the bore pump mechanism above ground if required, so we can complete the work.  We can also replace all types of fuses within a pump that may blow.

Bore Pump Repairs Perth - Industrial

bore pump repairs perth

Our Bore Pump Repairs Perth team are fully qualified and equipped to also mend and maintain industrial pumps and control panels. We are able to mobilise a fast response team to your site as soon as the job has been lodged and provide a quick, effective and lasting repair. In addition we can completely remove a bore pump when required.

Commissioning and Decomissioning

EV Electrical Services are also competent and experienced in commissioning or decommissioning water treatment plants. We have worked throughout Western Australia in this line of work and can operate on all brands of water treatment systems. These include sewage treatment plants, dosing systems, water recycling systems, waste treatment plants, potable water treatment plants, membrane system and media and carbon filters.

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