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Industrial Electrician Perth Switchboards and DBs

If your home was built more than 20-years ago there is a good chance it will need an electrical upgrade so it is able to handle the full load of appliances and avoid the regular blowing of fuses if there are no RCD switches in place. Within the industrial electrician Perth sector, there are a considerable number of providers available to perform the work, but at EV Electrical Services we deliver a service that is second to none.

Switchboard Upgrades Perth

These are essential for many older homes and without them you may well find running a few appliances simultaneously will result in fuses being blown and potentially a loss of power. You may, for example, wish to run a hair dryer, air conditioner and tumble dryer all at once and without the switchboard upgrade there is likely to be a power overload.

Industrial Electrician Perth Switchboards and DBs

EV Electrical Services, an industrial electrician Perth provider of switchboard upgrades, is highly experienced in this field. We recognise that without the necessary upgrades there is a danger that because the existing wiring cannot handle such high electrical loads, an electrical fire may occur, the consequences of which could be catastrophic. There is also the likelihood that older homes do not have the required two RCD switches, the installation of which we can also provide.

Our switchboard upgrades Perth services are all provided by one of our highly trained staff or contractors and you can relax in the knowledge the work will be completed to the highest industry standard.

Industrial Electrician Perth - Safety & Standards

As with all our work we are proud of our ability to upgrade switchboards and we can also customise the distribution boards so they perfectly suit the requirements of your power supply. In addition we can perform a thorough instrumental wiring test and issue an Electrical Safety Certificate once installation is complete. This provides an assurance the work has been carried out professionally and is complaint.

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