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The number of downlights you need for a certain room or area really depends on your personal preference!

You may only want one small area highlighted by the downlights or you could want an even spacing of lights across your entire room. For expert advice on your lighting plans, contact EV Electrical Services. If you need help with designing the lighting for your entire home, why not book a consultation with one of our electricians? We can walk you through the types of lights available and the best places to put them, depending on what you want to achieve.

The short and simple answer is Yes. You really do need a qualified and licensed electrician to replace a switch. The laws in Australia are very clear, outlining any electrical work – whether residential, commercial or industrial – must be performed only by a licensed electrician.

The law is there for a reason – to keep you safe! Over 500 Aussie’s a year are hospitalized due to electrical injuries. Stay safe and let a professional look after it.

A fuse protects your home or business wiring from short circuits and circuit overloads. The fuse “blows” when the current carried exceeds the rated value for an excessive time. The higher the overload the shorter the period before the fuse blows. When a fuse ‘blows’ it is actually melting the wire and breaking the electrical circuit, effectively stopping the wire from breaking down and burning, avoiding an electrical fire.

Another reason why fuses blow is due to an electrical short. This means there is a faulty or damaged wire somewhere.

In any event, when a fuse blows, it’s best to call an electrician as they will find the problem and get your power safely back up and running.

Carrying out your own electrical work can be tempting, but without hiring a licensed electrician to the work, you’re risking your safety and potential damage to your property. To ensure the cables are run in accordance with Australian Legal Standards, always use an electrician.

The only ‘electrical cables’ you should be running is plugging an extension cord in!

Whilst this may seem like a simple task, it is still dealing with wires carrying electricity. To protect your safety and obide the law, always get a license electrician to complete installing or replacing a light switch.

If you’re after a few lamps that can turn on using an app, absolutely you can do this yourself! But if you’re looking for anything along the lines of lighting or temperature control, this involves a lot of intricate wiring and extensive product knowledge, so it’s best left to the professionals! Getting a licensed electrician to carry out your home automation installation means both quality and safety won’t be compromised.

LED’s or Light Emitting Diodes are fast becoming the favored globe for all light fittings due to their higher level of efficiency compared to Halogens. These days, you’ll find Halogen globes are being phased out, easily replaced with LEDs.

  • LEDs run cool, meaning they’re safe to touch and use less energy
  • They reach their ultimate brightness the moment they’re turned on
  • LEDs are excellent choices for retail stores and galleries, as well as the home because they don’t emit UV, therefore they won’t damage fabrics or artwork.
  • Compact and durable, LEDs are suitable for most indoor and outdoor installations
  • They can last up to 50,000 hours— which is about 13 times longer than halogen bulbs.
  • Power consumption is the lowest compared to all other lighting technologies—80 percent less than incandescent bulbs and 75 percent less than halogen bulbs.
  • The shatterproof bulbs are shock resistant and have no brittle filaments.
  • LEDs require higher initial investment but produce greater energy returns over time.
  • LEDs contain no mercury, harmful gasses, or toxins.
  • They are available in many different whites and colors.
  • Because of their low power consumption, LEDs are great alternative lighting solutions for solar-powered systems.


If saving power, replacing your globes less often and a bigger choice of lighting options interests you, contact EV Electrical Services today for an on-site consultation about how downlights can be installed in your home or business.

Not much at all! Most fittings can easily allow the use of LED bulbs where halogen bulbs once were.

It’s common knowledge to call an electrician for major wiring jobs, but did you know there are some simple tasks which require a sparky? EV Electrical Services are happy to help with the following:

  • Installing ceiling fans
  • Changing a light fitting
  • Changing a light switch
  • Moving a power point
  • Making an extension lead
  • Changing a light fitting
  • Minor repairs to appliances

Don’t forget, whilst you can easily buy electrical fittings, a qualified and licensed electrician like EV Electrical Services are the only ones legally permitted to install them.

We totally get it might seem more cost effective to attempt these things yourself, but you’ll be forking out a lot more when it comes time to repairing the unexpected damage caused by attempting to DIY it. Not to mention, you can’t put a price on your safety!

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